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Robert Peraino

Robert Peraino, a physician who has been a resident of northern Grafton County for over 35 years, is the Republican candidate for the New Hampshire House in the election this year. He will represent Lyman, Lisbon, Monroe, Franconia and Sugar Hill, the towns in Grafton District 2. He believes in: government by the people, not of the people; government programs that benefit all New Hampshire citizens; school choice; right to work; free speech, unrestricted right to own guns. Government favoritism to certain groups is protectionism which is illegal in the private sector and should be illegal in the public sector too. The choice is clear. Prosperity for all New Hampshire is proven, without new taxes and regulations.

Candidate Peraino can be contacted the following ways:

Toll free
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non-deductible contributions may be sent PO Box 141 Franconia, NH 03580

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